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Why iHerb Rewards?

  • Helpful - Promote the world's best value for natural products
  • Global - Over 90% of our orders are shipped to destinations outside the US.
  • Generous - Get a "minimum" $5 commission on "every" order from new or current customers!

Give 5% & Get $5 or More

Your followers get a 5% discount while you get a $5 or more commission in Rewards Credit every time they make a purchase with your Rewards link or code from anywhere in the world on any device. Regardless if they are a current or new iHerb customer, they will all enjoy the same offer.

In addition to the $5 commission, you can earn an additional 10% commission or more in Rewards Credit when they shop products under our Super Rewards offers.

Easy to Join & Share

All you need is to become an iHerb customer first. Then, make sure you are logged in and start sharing.
Just go to any of the following pages and then click on from around the site:
  1. iHerb homepage
  2. Your previous orders
  3. Your favorite product or category page
  4. Your search results
  5. Your iHerb page
  6. A product review
  7. Your shopping cart
  8. Your wish list

Unlimited Income Potential

Huge selection - Over 28,000 natural supplements and beauty products shipped directly by iHerb. Come and introduce a new product to your followers every week!

Global reach - Over 90% of iHerb orders are from international customers. We support over 13 languages, ship to over 186 countries, accept 86 currencies, take 39 payment methods and utilize 54 shipping methods. Plus, check out our Alexa Ranking!

Earn $5 or more — You get $5 or more (See Super Rewards) on every order others place using your Rewards link or code, regardless if your referral is a new or current customer or the size of the order.

In the year 2020, our influencers earned:

  1. Over $24 million in Rewards commission
  2. Over 3600 Rewards Partners  cashed out a minimum of $1000
  3. Our top 5 partners each earned the following amount (U.S. Dollars): $442,357, $361,883, $303,939, $299,621, $292,255

Easy Cash Out

Our recent partnership with HyperWallet has made cashing out easier and more reliable than ever. Redeem your earnings on future purchases or cash out when you have earned at least $100 USD.
Start sharing now. Or go to Rewards page